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Model : B3-20W

Specification :

● Dimension : 130*79*43 mm
● Voltage : DC24V
● Bulb power : 20 W
● Net Weight : 207.5 g
● Bulb Casing :High purity quartz glass
● Ambient Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C
● UV Intensity (μW/cm²) :3000 μW/cm²
● Bulb lifetime :10,000 hrs (75%-80% UV output)

Features & Benefit :
● Suitable for Occupied Spaces
● Instant On Off at Full Output Power
● ZERO Mercury – Environment Friendly
● Peak wavelength 222nm
● Ozone Free Emission
● 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores.
● Higher UV output
● Safety Filter technology (Narrowband 222nm Emission) + UV Reflector
● Material : Aluminum Alloy
● Warranty : 12 months (Extendable)

The idea is that FIRSTUVC offer a kit of B-Series module “B3-20W” which anyone can then adapt and integrate whatever you like.
The featured B-Series module contains highly efficient 222nm Excimer lamps and a safety filter that eliminates dangerous longer wavelengths of more than 230nm.
The B-Series module feature is a powerful disinfects solution for and occupied and unoccupied areas. It provides 222nm Far-UVC output and disinfects 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and spores on surfaces and in the air within occupied and unoccupied areas
B-Series module equipped with an expected lifespan of 3,000-10,000 hours, the Excimer light emits a flood beam pattern and is replaceable. 
The housing on this unit is constructed of aluminum alloy for durability.

B-Series module being safe for use in occupied areas, instant-on power, mercury free, higher UV output, and low heat output make Far-UVC Excimer lamps the preferred choice for UV sanitation and disinfecting applications

Why Far-UVC ?
Far-UVC 222 nm light is considered to be eye and skin safe for humans, allowing the lamps to be used in occupied areas safely with minimum risk. The 222 nm wavelength does not penetrate the cornea of the eye and cannot impose corneal impairment. Additionally, this UV band is blocked by the top layer of skin (stratum corneum) which protects underlying cells from damage. Exposure to far-UVC 222 nm Excimer lamp does not cause skin inflammation or swelling.
Excimer lamps have ZERO mercury, making them more environmentally friendly. Excimer lamps can be tuned to specific wavelengths (222nm wavelength for this product) and produce no harmful UVC radiation or wasteful visible light and infrared light.

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