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FIRSTUVC GLOBAL is expanding its reach through a global network of distributors who are engaged in the distribution of 222nm Far-UVC products, solutions, and services in frontier markets, thereby connecting quality 222nm Far-UVC products and solutions with credible customers and projects in off-grid frontier markets

Our distributors, with our close support, will capitalize on the enormous market potential for renewable energy in frontier markets. Together, we will establish a distribution network for high-quality 222nm Far-UVC products, solutions, and components at affordable prices. Our goal is to meet the ever-growing market need with an extensive portfolio of innovative and cutting-edge products, solutions, and services.

FIRSTUVC GLOBAL  prides itself on maintaining rigorous standards for its authorized representatives. We seek individuals and businesses that possess the necessary qualifications and are committed to promoting and distributing FIRSTUVC products with unwavering dedication. If you are interested in representing FIRSTUVC as a distributor,



  • Products: 222nm / 172nm / 308nm / Ultraviolet UVC 254nm 

FIRSTUVC GLOBAL offers comprehensive OEM/ODM services that encompass the entire product development process. Our services include designing, prototyping, manufacturing, compliance testing and certification, operations, and logistics. As a veritable one-stop-shop, we provide custom branding as part of our solution package to deliver a complete and personalized product and service solution from concept to market.

Our team of expert engineers provides tailored platforms and off-the-shelf design options that meet your precise business requirements. With our inventory management services, you can focus on expanding your business while we manage your inventory.

Our high-capacity production facilities, located in China, are audited against strict ISO certification standards to ensure compliance and quality. Partnering with FIRSTUVC GLOBAL means accessing our extensive industry knowledge, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to excellence. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we enable you to bring high-quality products to market quickly and efficiently.

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